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Gain ISA participants, employers, and schools working together in one environment with total transparency.

The traditional model for financing higher education is no longer sustainable, as Federal student aid has grown exponentially and default rates continue to rise. Income Share Agreements connect the educational institutions to employers and offer confidence that the programs they offer students result in gainful employment.

CoverCloud connects students to schools, schools to funders, and employers and students to complete the circle and create incentives for all parties involved to create the best possible outcomes from higher education.

Income Share Agreements are not loans. Students repay their obligation when their expectations for their education are met. ISA Funders enjoy a higher rate of return and only commit to financing education for programs that have proven high employment rates.

Receive applications directly from school financial aid offices

Transparency into the full payment amounts, caps, and obligation requirements from start to finish.

Approve applications directly from students attending participating schools

View the students’ chosen program and weigh the risks of funding against the demand for talent.

Reduced risk of non-repayment since students are filling talent pipelines

Compliant ISA Servicing from enrollment to employment to payoff of the ISA amounts

Students receive IonTuition accounts to monitor repayment and connect with live advisors.

Employer participation in ISA repayment assistance programs increases payment certainty and reduces risk

Employer-provided repayment benefits increases staff retention as well.