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CoverCloud creates partnerships in education; partners who share risk and reward together within a single ecosystem.

The CoverCloud platform connects schools, employers, and tuition funders for traditional and non-traditional adult learners.

CoverCloud creates the perfect environment for meaningful change in higher education to support the talent requirements for today’s workforce, for schools to align programs to create economic and social mobility for learners, and to align the optimal sources to minimize risk and financial burden on the learner.


What We Do

Help Students Get Recruited by Top Employers

Students pursuing in-demand degrees and certifications can be recruited by top employers while still in school.

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Help Employers Fill Talent Pipelines

Recruit the talent you need directly out of school. Lower your recruitment cost and shorten your time to hire.

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Help Schools Improve Gainful Employment

Schools offering in-demand programs can help their students find gainful employment opportunities.

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Connect Tuition Funders to Schools and Students

Tuition Funders can participate in income share agreements with a high rate of return and low overall cost.

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We Create Connections Between Higher Education and Employers

We partner with schools that graduate students  in-demand roles such as customer service, healthcare, technology, transportation, and the utilities/energy sectors

“I can't believe i had a job lined up before I graduated. Thank you CoverCloud!”

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"CoverCloud's got our recruitment pipeline covered!”

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"Happy to partner with CoverCloud. Our Career Services team can't say enough good things about CoverCloud's approach to matching students to employers.'

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We’ve got education covered.




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